Management and International Business Association


Our mission

We are dedicated in supporting Management and International Business cohorts and students who wish to study or work abroad from the University of Toronto through different platforms to promote networking, workshops, and orientations. We bring together professionals from different disciplines, including but not limited to Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning, HR and Technology through our partnerships and global network.

Partner Universities
months of Co-Op experience

PArtner with us

We aim to leverage our global networks and partnerships to bring the world ever closer to our students. As the leading International Business club of the University of Toronto, we strive to connect our brightest minds to the ever-changing global business environment of tomorrow

Executive Team

We are small group of passionate business students. The 2020-2021 Co-Presidents are Anh Cao and Aleksandra Papic.

Alexandra 1

Through the MIB program, I was able to broaden my perspective on the world and experience the diversity of different cultures. 

Betsy Li
(BBA, Candidate 2020​)

With the MIB Co-op program at the University of Toronto, I have made traveling and internationalism my career.

Lipika Kaushal
(MIB, Candidate 2020)

But trust me, it’s worth all that and more when you come home feeling more like yourself than you ever have before.

Roslyn Stanislaus
(MIB, Candidate 2020)


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