Who is MIBA?

A support team for future global leaders.

The Management and International Business Association (MIBA) strives to aid students to view the world as borderless. Through various events such as workshops, orientation, networking, speaker panels and more, MIBA provides students with resources to excel in the professional world and embrace globalization.

MIBA's executives encourage students to be engaged in the community through extra-curriculars and attending beneficial events. We believe that this aids students to expand on their skills and become aware of their own interests.

Professional networking events and casual social events are hosted by MIBA with the aims of connecting the students with each other and the professionals in the industry. This network is the key that will open opportunities around the world for the MIB students.

UTSC is a great place to educate students in academics, but MIBA takes the next step in helping them develop their skills and selves. By encouraging participation in extra-currculars and attending workshops by MIBA, we hope to the MIBs will develop into the successful professional that they desire to be. 

What is MIB?

The future leaders

Management and International Business (MIB) is a Co-op  program at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) that approaches business from an international perspective. With a study term and a co-op work term outside of Canada along with international management courses, students will learn to open doors to the vast opportunities.

The first graduating class boasts 100% employment at reputable companies within 2 months of graduation. A designated team in the co-op office and a strong network of alumni guide students in the experiences that are unique to this undergraduate program in all of Canada.

MIB at UTSC is a program that allows students to connect beyond the classroom to form lifelong friendships and create an undergraduate experience like no other. Their network, education, and experiences are the foundations of the future leaders.

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