Applications are now open for Associate Hiring for 2021-2022

Associate Applications are due October 10, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST






Marketing ASSOCIATE (2)

The Marketing Associate will support their marketing department to maintain, improve and promote the MIBA brand to the UTSC community and the organization’s internal and external sponsors. Utilizing their creativity and passion for design, the associate will create promotional content to gain the interest of students to MIBA’s events and other initiatives. They will also be continuously updating and designing the MIBA website and other social media platforms in order to provide resources to the fellow students.

Last but not least, as a member of the Marketing team, the Associate will work closely with the VP of Business Development to provide strategic direction on how the MIBA brand can be utilized to increase interest in our organization.

The successful candidate should:

  • Have creative ideas for professional content and the willingness to learn new programs (eg. WordPress Elementor, Wave videos, Photoshop, Canva)
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize.
  • Polished communication skills and confidence to speak to peers, the Department of Management and externals.
  • Be able to effectively work in team settings and have an understanding of when it is necessary to lead the group.
  • Passion for promoting MIBA’s activities and knowledge of effective marketing.
  • Experience with social media management and graphic design tools is an asset.


The Events Associate will work closely with their directors and VP to plan and execute events for MIB and Management students, focusing on professional development and develop intercultural competency. As a member of the Events team from the Fall 2020, the associate will have the opportunity to participate in the early planning of EMPOWER 2021, our flagship event in February every year which operates as a mock assessment centre. The associate will also work cross-department before and throughout every event to provide mutual support and understanding of the event between teams.

To showcase what the candidate has learned through their term with MIBA and to capitalize on their strengths, the Events Associate will be leading an Associate Project which is entirely organized by the associates with the support of the directors, VPs and the President at the end of the academic year.

The successful candidate should:

  • Be able to effectively work in team settings and individually 
  • Possess excellent time management and organizational skills, with a strong attention to details.
  • Strong oral and communication skills as they will be working with the entire MIBA team, the Department of Management and externals. 
  • Be creative/ingenious in planning and organizing events. 
  • Demonstrate excellent problem solving skills and the ability to find creative solutions on the spot.
  • Be hardworking on executing assigned tasks and have a vision toward the growth of MIBA.

External Relations Associate (1)

With the help of the VP of Student Relations and SR Directors, the Student Relations Associate is responsible for creating and providing resources that will enhance the student experience throughout all years of MIB. The candidate will be directly involved in establishing study sessions, planning socials for MIBs and play a vital role in improving the Mentorship Program for first year MIB students. With the focus of professional, academic and social development in mind, the candidate will also work closely with the Events team to organize and executive events for all MIBs. Through both social and academic events, the Student Relations Associate will work to create resources that connect students of all years together and address their concerns.

The successful candidate should:

  • Possess a strong passion and excitement towards enhancing the student experience.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate their ability to manage multiple deadlines, while maintaining high quality of work and attention to detail.
  • Have an innovative mindset towards improving the student experience, specifically within resources for academics.
  • Work effectively in small and large team environments. 
  • Demonstrates initiative and “outside the box” thinking.

finance DIRECTOR

As the Finance Director, will work closely with the VP of Business Operations in seeking and securing funding opportunities from the Department of Management, SCSU, Department of Student Life and external companies. By securing sponsorships from external companies, the Finance Director must ensure that MIBA maintains a positive and continuous relationship with the company representatives. They will also be in charge of processing reimbursements, determining and managing the operating budget of MIBA. The candidate will provide governance and work closely with the Events department make certain that our events are cost-effective.

The Finance Director should have:

  • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize
  • Refined and tested organizational abilities and attention to detail
  • Strong abilities in Microsoft Office, with emphasis on Excel
  • A high degree of personal integrity and accountability
  • A solid understanding of financial and accounting principles
  • Confident in speaking towards peers, the Department of Management and externals

Business Operations Associate (1)

The Business Operations Associate combines two integral components of MIBAs operational actions: Student-Engagement and Human Resources. As a result, this role is crucial within the team to ensure satisfactory effectiveness and productivity within the team. The Business Operations Associate will work closely with the VP of Business Operations and Student-Engagement Director in increasing student participation within case competitions and other MIBA events. They will also assist in processing reimbursements, determining and managing the operating budget of MIBA. The Human Resources component of the role provides support to the entire MIBA organization and plays an instrumental role in our organizational success. The candidate will have a holistic view on MIBA operations and will ensure that each department has access to resources needed to successfully address the concerns and wishes of the MIB community. The candidate will also be in charge of handling many of the administrative details of the organization, including booking rooms and boothing spaces, plan meetings and aid the Events department in running socials for the executive team.

The successful candidate should:

  • Refined and tested organizational abilities and attention to detail. 
  • Polished communication skills towards peers, the Department of Management and externals. 
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize. 
  • Outstanding teamwork abilities by collaborating effectively with all members of MIBA. 
  • Have an innovative mindset and strong initiative to determine how to minimize expenses and develop clear and easy-to-use financial documents.
  • A high degree of personal integrity and accountability.

Research and Development Associate (1)

The Research & Development Associate will be working along with their Vice President to smoothly execute 3 projects that require data analytics and extensive research and development.

  1. Database project of upper-year MIB students
  2. Company insights campaign
  3. A helpful Study and Work abroad guide with tips and tricks for various countries

This position calls for a self-motivated and creative individual who can analytically think and contribute their creativity to provide more guidance and support for MIB students. This individual must be able to organize and pull insights from data, create and organize resources related to international exchanges and job seeking, and have a keen interest to enhance student experience within UTSC Management.

The successful candidate should:

  • Passionate about researching and creating content, especially about international study and work abroad in different countries
  • Eagerness to develop and implement innovative strategies and resources for UTSC Management students
  • An analytical mindset and confidence to draw the right conclusions from data, both primary and secondary
  • Exception verbal and written communication skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent organization and time management skills and ability to prioritize



Applications are now open