Applications are now open for Director Hiring for 2020-2021

Director Applications are due April 4, 2020 – 11:59 PM

MArketing DIRECTORS (3)

The Marketing Directors will support the VP of Marketing to maintain, improve and promote the MIBA brand to the UTSC community and the organization’s internal and external sponsors. Utilizing their creativity and passion for design, the directors will create promotional content and advertising to gain the interest of students to MIBA’s events and other initiatives.

In order to support our students, the Marketing Directors will also continuously update and design the MIBA website and other social media platforms in order to provide resources to the students. Additionally, the Marketing team will work closely with the VP of Business Development to provide strategic direction on how the MIBA brand can be utilized to increase interest in our organization. Within the MIBA Marketing Executive team, we are looking for two sub-roles; Graphic & Media Director and Digital Marketing Director.

    The Graphic and Media DIRECTOR should possess:

    • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize
    • Polished communication skills and confidence to speak to peers, the Department of Management and externals
    • Passion for advertising and content creation with a good understanding of design principles
    • Experience with social media management and graphic design, particularly, use of the Adobe Suite and the willingness to learn new programs (eg. WordPress)
    • Experience with Photoshop is an asset

    The Digital Marketing DIRECTOR should:

    • Be able to create and implement a comprehensive marketing program that will increase MIBA’s exposure and enhance our image and position within the UTSC management community
    • Be comforable developing​ and managing MIBA’s brand through advertising and promotional strategies across different mediums
    • Be​ able to delegate tasks effectively and efficiently to the associates
    • Consistently​ communicate with the VP of Marketing to ensure steady progress to report on monthly tasks and content created for events
    • Collaborate​ across other functions in the MIBA team in order to work together on even

    Event DIRECTORS (2)

    The Events Directors will work closely with their Vice President to develop, plan and execute events for MIB and Management students, focusing on professional development. You will manage all aspects of the event planning process, including collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, activities development, and budget tracking.

    By reaching out to other MIBA departments, Department of Management and other clubs on campus, the Events Directors will have the support and resources needed to plan events that address the concerns of students about studying and working internationally.

    The Events Director should:

    • Be creative/ingenious in planning and organizing events
    • Possess excellent time management and organizational skills, with a strong attention to detail. Be responsible at all time
    • Be able to effectively work in team settings and understand when it is necessary to lead the group
    • Have confidence in their oral and communication skills as they will be working with the entire MIBA team, the Department of Management and externals

    External Relations DIRECTOR (2)

    An essential component of MIBA’s overall success is reliant on the support from both the Department of Management and businesses in our community. As an External Relations Director, you will work closely with Industry Professionals to develop and maintain positive relationships, potential sponsors, as well as with the Department of Management staff. The External Relations Director will work closely with the Department of Management to encourage them in being involved with MIBA’s initiatives. With the focus of professional, academic, and social development in mind, the Director will also work closely with the MIBA team to organize and execute events for all MIB students.

    The External Relations Director should possess:

    • Polished and professional communication skills towards peers, the Department of Management, UTSC Alumni and externals
    • Ability to develop and maintain meaningful relations
    • Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills
    • Refined and tested organizational abilities, time management skills and attention to detail

    Student Development DIRECTOR

    With the help of the VP of External Relations, the  Student Development Director is responsible for creating a social atmosphere for the MIB Student community, and providing informational resources that will enhance the student experience throughout all years of MIB, including but not limited to revamping the website’s Study Abroad resources, reach out to Alumni for a blog series, etc. The candidate will be directly involved in establishing study sessions, planning socials for MIB students, and play a vital role in developing a Mentorship Program for first years. In order to provide the most helpful resources for current MIB and other UTSC students who wish to study and work abroad, the Director will outreach to MIB alumni and the Department of Management for their support and participation in the organization’s professional and social events in the coming year

    The Student Development Director should:

    • Possess a strong passion and excitement towards enhancing the student experience
    • Have an innovative mindset towards improving the student experience, specifically within resources for academics
    • Demonstrate their ability to manage multiple deadlines, while maintaining high quality of work and attention to detail
    • Work effectively in small and large team environments
    • Demonstrates initiative and “outside the box” thinking
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    finance DIRECTOR

    As the Finance Director, will work closely with the VP of Business Operations in seeking and securing funding opportunities from the Department of Management, SCSU, Department of Student Life and external companies. By securing sponsorships from external companies, the Finance Director must ensure that MIBA maintains a positive and continuous relationship with the company representatives. They will also be in charge of processing reimbursements, determining and managing the operating budget of MIBA. The candidate will provide governance and work closely with the Events department make certain that our events are cost-effective.

    The Finance Director should have:

    • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize
    • Refined and tested organizational abilities and attention to detail
    • Strong abilities in Microsoft Office, with emphasis on Excel
    • A high degree of personal integrity and accountability
    • A solid understanding of financial and accounting principles
    • Confident in speaking towards peers, the Department of Management and externals


    The Human Resources Director provides support to the entire MIBA organization and plays an instrumental role in creating our organization culture. The HR Director will be in charge of handling many of the administrative details of the organization, including planning meetings, managing candidates and team members database, booking rooms and boothing spaces, etc. Furthermore, the Director will be in charge of organising our internal team socials and managing availability of the team to create schedules in relation to the given task. Working closely with the President and the VP of Business Operations, the candidate will ensure that there is constant and efficient communication between the entire team and the President and other Vice Presidents who may be on co-op or abroad.

    The Human Resources Director should possess:

    • Refined and tested organizational abilities and attention to detail
    • Polished communication skills towards the team, the DOM, and externals
    • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize
    • Outstanding teamwork abilities by collaborating effectively with all members of MIBA
    • Strong willingness to learn (e.g. Event planning, handling technology, etc.)
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Words, Outlook) is an asset

    innovation DIRECTOR (2)

    The Director of Data Analytics and IT will work alongside the VP of Innovation to develop strategies that help MIBA become more effective and efficient in responding to the needs of the Management Student community. This role oversees two major areas of the organization – Data Analytics, and IT.

    The Data Analytics aspect of the role calls on an encouraging and creative person to create and manage databases, pull insights from data, collaborate with the whole team to oversee data management of internal and external resources of the organization. Specific tasks include: collecting and organizing resources related to international exchanges and job seeking resources, as well as developing and maintaining MIBA documents and processes, creating strategies regarding MIBA operations, event planning and execution, increasing event interest and attendance and adapting to future changes and challenges.

    In addition, the IT aspect of this role includes process-improvement and change management in terms of full- team collaboration. Whether it be using a new team collaboration app, or aiding Marketing and External Relations with their specific IT needs, the VP of Innovation will be an key individual in ensuring cross-departmental collaboration and a strong online presence!

    The Director of Data analytics & IT should possess:

    • A solid understanding and interest in Database relational software and Analytics softwares. Relevant experience in Power BI, Tableau or Google Analytics is preferred, but not required.
    • Ability to prioritize and Excellent time management skills to be on the top of tasks, especially in busy season
    • An innovative mindset and eye for spotting possibilities for improvement and the ability to collaborate with the entire team and provide helpful insights for all departments
    • Refined and tested organizational abilities and attention to detail in order to create databases and draw the right conclusions from data, both primary and secondary
    • Polished communication skills towards peers, the department and externals as MIBA promotes an open communication system and fluid roles throughout departments to encourage collaboration
    • Eagerness in learning and educating the MIBA team in new programs, and improving the MIB program as a whole

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