Events Associate (1)

The Events Associate will work closely with their directors and VP to plan and execute events for MIB and Management students, focusing on professional development and develop intercultural competency. As a member of the Events team from the Fall 2020, the associate will have the opportunity to participate in the early planning of EMPOWER 2021, our flagship event in February every year which operates as a mock assessment centre. The associate will also work cross-department before and throughout every event to provide mutual support and understanding of the event between teams. 

To showcase what the candidate has learned through their term with MIBA and to capitalize on their strengths, the Events Associate will be leading an Associate Project which is entirely organized by the associates with the support of the directors, VPs and the President at the end of the academic year. 

The successful candidate should:

  • Be able to effectively work in team settings and individually 
  • Possess excellent time management and organizational skills, with a strong attention to details.
  • Strong oral and communication skills as they will be working with the entire MIBA team, the Department of Management and externals. 
  • Be creative/ingenious in planning and organizing events. 
  • Demonstrate excellent problem solving skills and the ability to find creative solutions on the spot.
  • Be hardworking on executing assigned tasks and have a vision toward the growth of MIBA.

Deadline to submit the application is Sunday, October 10th at 11:59 PM.  Successful candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview. Please submit this application along with your resume, your Associate Academy Certificate (if applicable) and 3 pieces of artwork (for Marketing applicants) using the upload button at the bottom.

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