Australia Travel Stories

Amelia Helpard

(MIB, Candidate 2021)

“I try not to go into big, new experiences with too many expectations. Australia had fires, floods and the start of the pandemic during my time there, and yet still managed to have so much to offer. Working in Sydney meant daily walks along the harbour, weekend adventures in and around the area and access to some amazing food and entertainment, all of which I was more than happy to take advantage of!”

Study Abroad: University of Sydney

Work Abroad: The Polygot Group

Lipika Kaushal

(MIB, Candidate 2020)

“I have lived the hippie life. I have lived the Bay street life. Which one do I like more, I say why can’t I have both?

The best thing about studying abroad is that every day is a new adventure, and the best advice I can give is to embrace the uncertainty of where life will take you next! With the MIB Co-op program at the University of Toronto, I have made traveling and internationalism my career. I have learned the exact science behind how to work, lead and grow amongst international teams. I have also had the pleasure for traveling for 8 months of my degree: I did a 2-month road trip across the East coast of Australia, saw the Band of the Milky Way Galaxy in New Zealand, climbed an active volcano in Bali, and backpacked the great city of Hong Kong! All of this plus a full year of work experience: that is what the MIB Program is all about.


 Study Abroad: University of Melborne, Australia