UK Travel Stories

Ginny Chan

(MIB, Candidate 2022)

“I had a wonderful experience studying abroad! I went to Manchester with 2 friends and we had a blast travelling across the UK and Europe. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short because of the pandemic and we had to return home in 2 months, and complete the remainder of our semester online.”

Study Abroad: University of Manchester 

Gabrielle Milette

(MIB, Candidate 2021)

“It was better than I could have imagined! My situation was a bit different, it was my first work term and I was not supposed to go work internationally that semester. An opportunity presented itself randomly and I jumped on it! I had no expectations going in, and I came back super happy with everything that it had brought me!”

Work Abroad: RCI Bank 

Jessie Lee

(MIB, Candidate 2021)

“Whether you are travelling for fun, work or study, going abroad always gives you the opportunity to explore the unknown. Staying at an unfamiliar city could be intimidating at first, but I have learnt one core value during my stay – Curiosity leads your way out of your comfort zone, and that’s the official beginning of your journey abroad!”

Study Abroad: King’s College London, England, UK 

Work Abroad: The Upper House – Swire Hotels, Hong Kong & Cathay Pacific Cargo Chengdu, China