Marketing Associate (2)

The Marketing Associate will support their marketing department to maintain, improve and promote the MIBA brand to the UTSC community and the organization’s internal and external sponsors. Utilizing their creativity and passion for design, the associate will create promotional content to gain the interest of students to MIBA’s events and other initiatives. They will also be continuously updating and designing the MIBA website and other social media platforms in order to provide resources to the fellow students. 

Last but not least, as a member of the Marketing team, the Associate will work closely with the VP of Business Development to provide strategic direction on how the MIBA brand can be utilized to increase interest in our organization.

The successful candidate should:

  • Have creative ideas for professional content and the willingness to learn new programs (eg. WordPress Elementor, Wave videos, Photoshop, Canva)
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize.
  • Polished communication skills and confidence to speak to peers, the Department of Management, and externals.
  • Be able to effectively work in team settings and have an understanding of when it is necessary to lead the group.
  • Passion for promoting MIBA’s activities and knowledge of effective marketing.
  • Experience with social media management and graphic design tools is an asset.

    Deadline to submit the application is Sunday, October 10th at 11:59 PM.  Successful candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview. Please submit this application along with your resume, your Associate Academy Certificate (if applicable) and 3 pieces of artwork (for Marketing applicants) using the upload button at the bottom.

    Please indicate “YES” or “NO” to the following questions:

    Please answer the following questions in full sentences with 250 words or less for each question.

    Please indicate the times of your interview availability in Toronto time zone (ex. 1-3pm):

    Please upload your CV, Associate Academic Certificate, and 3 pieces of artwork (for marketing applicants only) in PDF format.

    For the application: First & Last Name – MIBA Associate Application
    For the resume (PDF format preferred): First & Last Name – Resume
    For the Associate Hiring Certificate: First & Last Name – Associate Hiring Certificate
    For pieces of artwork (PDF or JPG format): First & Last Name – Artwork 1/2/3

    Please upload your CV, Associate Academic Certificate, and 3 pieces of artwork (for marketing applicants only) in PDF format.