The MIBA Team

The MIBA Team

Anh Cao

co - President

Hello everyone!

I am honored for this opportunity to continue the MIBA legacy as the co-president for the 2020-2021 year! From inception, MIBA has been positioned as the student-run club that represents and supports the UTSC’s Management and International Business community in academic, social, and professional development. For the year ahead, while we continue our commitment to address the needs of MIB students, we also aim to expand the scope of our offers to management students whose goals are to study and work abroad.

Alongside Aleksandra and the team of enthusiastic individuals who shared the same vision, I strongly believe that we can make a positive impact in the UTSC community.

On a personal note, I have received tremendous help from fellow students on the journey to pursue my dream of studying, working, and traveling the world. I believe it is time to pay it forward and joining MIBA is one of the ways for me to give back. If I can be of any further help, please don’t hesitate to talk to me on campus or reach out to me through Facebook and Linkedin.

Aleksandra Papic​

co - President

Hello everyone!

I am an MIB student going into my 4th year. I am currently working at Microsoft Germany as a Partner Business and Development Intern and have worked at the Royal Bank of Canada and Manulife in the past. I am also a polyglot and avid traveler, so for me, MIBA is the place to be!

That being said, it is my first year being on the team, but I believe that by combining my fresh perspective with Anh’s years of experience of MIBA, we will lead the club to the best year yet.

My shared vision with Anh this year is to dedicate ourselves to supporting Management and International Business cohorts and students who wish to study or work abroad from the University of Toronto. We want to help people discover the value of having an international outlook in all areas of business through events, networking, resources and orientations. 

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to reach out to me – both Anh and I are here to support you, and we are looking forward to a great year!

Events Department

Melody Chan

VP of Events

Hello! I’m Melody and I’m entering my 2nd year as a Management Co-op student. My diverse background inspired my passion to travel and experience different cultures. That’s one of the reasons why I joined MIBA! In fact, I am planning to have my study abroad term in Winter 2021. Hong Kong and Singapore are the top 2 places on my travelling list. You can find me in the IC building a lot, if I am not in my co-op or study abroad term, I may be watching dramas, eating, or the least likely thing I want to do: studying. What is happening in the world for the first half of 2020 is pretty sad, but I hope everything will become better! Therefore, as the VP of Events, I want to bring all UTSC students with experiences outside the lecture, and plan all the amazing MIBA events! I am looking forward to working with all these amazing people in MIBA!

Alison Chan
Director of Events

Hi, I am Alison Chan! In the coming year, I will be entering my 2nd year in the MIB program. As the Director of Events, I strive to organize meaningful events to support and engage students who are interested in studying, or working abroad in the future. I also hope to bring more student’s university experience internationally to broaden their horizons, and have a better perspective of the world as a whole. My hobby is travelling as a means to explore and experience different cuisines, lifestyles and culture. It also offers me the opportunity to appreciate cultural differences and take a break from the hectic school life.

Puneeth Sankaraiah

Director of Events

Hi! My name is Puneeth Sankaraiah and I am the Director of Events for the coming year.  I am entering my 2nd year in the Management and International Business program. Sports is a huge passion of mine and I have had the privilege of playing rep Soccer in Ontario for over 7 years.  Some goals I have as a director is to implement new and innovative ideas to create unique events that everyone can enjoy and learn from. I look forward to organizing these exciting events for all students. 


Sarina Ashraf
Events Associate

Hello! I am Sarina, and I’m a first-year in the MIB program. I see business as a means to create change and influence the global economic climate through ideas and that is why my biggest dream is to run my own business someday. This year, I cannot wait to bring new events to life that not only provide value to us as students but also account for a fun time.

Innovation Department

Aakash Ranganathan
VP of Innovation

Hello! My name is Aakash and I am in my 3rd year of the MIB program. I have been studying international business throughout middle school and high school, so the MIB program posed as the perfect opportunity to continue my learning in this field. As the VP of Innovations, I will be overlooking the Data Analytics and IT side of the organization. I hope to apply my expertise from my past co-op role as an IT auditor for the Ontario Public Service. In my spare time I like to stay active. I am a basketball fanatic and enjoy playing the game even more!

Elnaz Morshedi
Director of Data Analytics and IT

Hi, My name is Elnaz Morshedi. I am entering my 4th year in the MIB program. I am working with the Innovation department as a director. My goal for this year is to find what you want us to do to make your journey better and find an innovative way to deliver it. I have spent most of my life travelling and collaborating with community associations to explore new cultures and views. I am more than passionate to hear your story when I meet you. I love reading about psychology and spirituality in my free time and trying new traditional foods.

NaEun Song
Director of Data Analytics and IT

I am a fourth year student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Management with Finance. I am a Director of Innovation and IT in MIBA 2020-2021. My goal is to expand its reach to other students to help them explore their future. I enjoy watching movies and traveling to different countries.


Justin Kwok
Innovation Associate

My name is Justin Kwok, Innovation Associate for MIBA. I am in year 2 of my studies at UTSC. My program is a Co-op Management Bachelor of Business Administration. I like to play sports such as swimming, golfing. As for the goal, I would like to build my own business in the future.

Business Operations Department

Darren Jung
VP of Business Operations

Hi! My name is Darren Jung and I am entering my 3rd year in the management co-op program. I am the Vice President for Business Operations which focuses more on the internal side of MIBA such as finance and Human Resources. My main passion is travelling, and I am lucky to have visited 37 countries around the world. When I’m not planning my next adventure, I also love trying new foods and binging TV shows (feel free to send me recommendations). This year, I’m excited to provide students with opportunities to connect with global leaders and to open up the world of international business to all students across campus.

Sumairaa Pathan
Director of Human Resources

Hi! My name is Sumairaa, and I am entering my third year in the management Co-op program. I am happy to join the 2020 MIBA team as the Human Resources Director. My passions include vlogging/filming, travelling, and learning languages. Presently I am learning French! This year, I am most excited to help provide all students with networking opportunities and competitions where they can develop new and valuable international business skills.

Jasmine Fan
Director of Finance

Hi! My name is Jasmine Fan and I am entering my 2nd year in the Management Co-op program. I am thrilled to be part of the MIBA family as Director of Finance in the coming year. My goals as Director of Finance are to continue to deliver our support to MIB students and others that are interested in studying or working abroad. I am planning to get my CPA after graduating. Whenever I am free, I enjoy watching Netflix TV shows and different kinds of dramas such as Unnatural.

External Relations Department

Isaac Sibson
VP of External Relations

Hey UTSC! I’m super excited to be MIBA’s new VP of External Relations this year! I’ll be entering my 2nd year of MIB soon and I’m finding it hard to believe how fast time flies! Outside of UTSC, I am involved with DECA U Canada and I have a keen interest in aviation... I actually hold 2 different pilot licenses! As I step into this new role, I am looking forward to engage with the MIB community and anyone interested in taking their education global!

Shakshi Sharma
Director of External Relations

Hi! My name is Shakshi Sharma and I am entering my second year in the Management and International Business Program. Travelling is one of my biggest passions and living in six different countries has allowed me to understand and appreciate the world’s cultural diversity. Some of my favourite activities outside school include photography, running, playing badminton and binging Netflix! This year as the Director of External Relations, I am looking forward to providing all students with opportunities to gain valuable experience outside the classroom by connecting them with global leaders!

Rumsha Panjwani
Director of Student Relations

My name is Rumsha and I am entering my second year in the Management and International Business program. My passion for travelling and learning is what sparked my dream of managing and developing businesses abroad in the future! This year, as the director of student relations, I am very excited to create platforms to branch out to all management students and build lasting relationships to support one another. I am looking forward to planning networking events to help students build connections with alumni and industry professionals. In my free time I love watching shows, volunteering in my community and baking!


Ritik Thakwani
External Relations Associate

My name is Ritik Thakwani and I am a first-year student in MIB. My goals for the year are to work well with the rest of the team and incorporate myself without any difficulty to successfully complete any tasks I am allotted along with going above and behind my expectations to ensure we are able to have a successful year laden with brilliant events and opportunities for everyone.


Isaac Sibson
External Relations Associate

Hi everyone! My name is Isaac Sibson and I am a first-year MIB student. Something that has changed my life forever was achieving my Private Pilot Licence. Although it was a long and difficult journey, I can truly say that it has built me into the person I am today. Upon graduation from the MIB program, I plan to pursue an entrepreneurial career that will combine my two passions of business and aviation.


Rumsha Panjwani
Student Relations Associate

Hello! My name is Rumsha and I’m a first-year in the Management and International Business program. This year, as the associate of student relations, I am very excited to create platforms to branch out to all management students and build lasting relationships to support one another.

Marketing Department

Rachel Deng
VP of Marketing

Hi everyone! I’m Rachel, your new VP of Marketing! I’m in my 2nd year of the MIB program and I’m excited to work with the team! Fun fact: I performed across Italy with my school band featuring my trumpet solo! I’m also a foodie and wish to travel the world to taste the culture! I chose MIBA to not only challenge myself to think big, but beyond the boundaries! I believe that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try, and this is just the beginning of something great!

Adrian Kok
Director of Graphic Design and Media

Hey! My name is Adrian Kok and I'm currently in my second year of Management. I am excited to join MIBA's team this year as one of Directors of Graphic Design! Some things I really like are running, badminton, and photography!

Thuy-Lan Vu
Director of Graphic Design and Media

Hi! My name is Thuy-Lan Vu and I’m a second year MIB student. My position as the Director of Graphic Design focuses on marketing MIBA to the UTSC community, as well as internal and external sponsors. During my freetime, I love taking part in anything arts-related, whether it's playing piano or drawing. I also love travelling around the world and learning about foreign cultures. I hope that my background in art and my passion for business will help me provide an exciting experience to UTSC students through MIBA!

Amina Naz
Director of Digital Marketing

Hello! My name is Amina Naz and I am currently entering as a third-year student, specializing in Management and Accounting at UTSC. I am the Director of Digital Marketing at MIBA and I am looking forward to learning and growing with this team. My hobbies include reading, writing and creating artwork. I am looking forward to not just gaining experience with MIBA but also sharing my strategies, experiences and skills with the rest of the team. I hope my work here can inspire and guide others to achieve their goals.


Caleb Mall
Marketing Associate

I am a first-year Management and International Business student and I am interested in traveling, photography, website and graphic design, hockey, and playing the guitar! My short-term goal is to obtain a finance or marketing co-op placement in the coming year, and my long-term goal is to improve my graphic design and marketing skills in the coming year(s)!