The MIBA Team

The MIBA Team

I have been part of MIBA for two years before  leading the only International Business association at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. I started in Strategy & Logistics, and then led the Finance, HR and Data Analytics teams as a Vice President specializing in preparing the long-term vision of MIBA. 

The year of 2019-2020 will be a revolutionary year not only for our club, but also for our stakeholders: students, alumni, staff and employers who all strive to be Global Leaders! With an amazingly committed team, MIBA brings to you a year full of innovation!

What do I have to lead it? I am the perfect combination of work and fun. I’m made for uncertainties and tough situations and I am glad to say that this dates back to the very international spirit of me: travelling. I have lived in 4 countries on 4 separate continents. I have backpacked to multiple countries where I do not speak the language, I knowingly climbed an active volcanic peak in Bali, Indonesia, and did a 35-day road trip across the East Coast of Australia! Plus, this is also where I get all of fun stories so do say hi the next time to see me on campus!

Lipika Kaushal


Events Department

Alya El-Fayoumy
VP of Events

Hello! My name is Alya and I am currently in my third year of the MIB program. With a passion for traveling, the program is the perfect fit for me! Having lived in three different continents, I have come to appreciate cultural differences. Right now, my top two travel destinations would have to be South Africa and Spain. In fact, I plan of going to Madrid for my study abroad semester. As the VP of Events, I hope to provide all students with experiences outside the lecture hall. In my free time, you can find me playing for the UTSC Women's Basketball team, at the gym, or maybe even planning an awesome MIBA event.

Darren Jung
Director of Events

Hi everyone! My name is Darren Jung and I am entering my second year in the co-op management program. Travelling is a huge passion of mine and I have had the privilege of visiting 32 countries around the world so far. When I’m not planning my next adventure, I also enjoy watching tv shows, spending time with family and trying new foods. This coming year I’m looking forward to planning the best events for the people of UTSC and getting to work with these amazing people at MIBA!

Viraj Patel
Director of Events

My name is Viraj and I am the Director of Events for the coming year. I am currently a second-year student interested in specializing in finance. I am a very outgoing and friendly person and I love to play sports such as tennis and basketball. Some goals I have as director of events is implementing all the plans and ideas we create such as new and improved events. I hope to gather resources from all of the various departments within MIBA to create an event which will aid all management students.


Shakshi Sharma
Events Associate

Hello! My name is Shakshi Sharma and I am in my first year in the Management and International Business Program. This year as an Events Associate, I am looking forward to being a part of organizing exciting events that will provide students with opportunities to gain valuable experience outside the classroom.


Sarina Ashraf
Events Associate

Hello! I am Sarina, and I’m a first-year in the MIB program. I see business as a means to create change and influence the global economic climate through ideas and that is why my biggest dream is to run my own business someday. This year, I cannot wait to bring new events to life that not only provide value to us as students but also account for a fun time.

Innovation Department

Jessie Lee
VP of Innovation

Hey UTSC! My name is Jessie. I'm very excited to be MIBA's Vice President of Innovation, and I'll be leading the Data Analytics and IT Team for the 2019-2020 year. The Data Analytics and IT Team strives to provide well-rounded support to the MIBA family. We have been, and will continue to create a sustainable team-working environment that fosters cross-departmental collaboration. It is hoped that our endeavor will not only benefit the current cohort, but also our future MIBA generations. Together with the Marketing Team, we aspire to elevate MIBA’s presence in the UTSC community by introducing brand-new promotional tools. Want to know how "innovative" we are? Sign up for our newsletter today to get the latest info!​

Anika Chan
Director of Data Analytics and IT

My name is Anika Chan and I am a second year co-op management student. I enjoy folding origamis and taking pictures of yummy food. I also love to travel around the world, but the first place I would like to go is Paris. Mocha is always my favourite drink other then bubble tea. Finally, I am very glad to join MIBA this year and wish to learn a variety of software and websites in order to become a better IT for the team.

Jeffrey Fung
Director of Data Analytics and IT

Hi, my name is Jeffrey and I am entering my second year at UTSC as a management student. I am extremely excited to be the Director of Data Analytics and IT for MIBA, during the 2019-2020 school year. During my free time, I like trying new things and create new experiences with others. I also enjoy playing sports and shopping. I hope to inspire and connect students around the campus to the ever-changing global business environment!


Justin Kwok
Innovation Associate

My name is Justin Kwok, Innovation Associate for MIBA. I am in year 2 of my studies at UTSC. My program is a Co-op Management Bachelor of Business Administration. I like to play sports such as swimming, golfing. As for the goal, I would like to build my own business in the future.

Business Operations Department

Kajal Musadilal
VP of Business Operations

Hello! My name is Kajal Musadilal and I am entering my second year in the Co-op International Business and Management Program. I am the VP of Business Operations which focuses on Finance and Human Resources. I have a passion for travelling and exploring the beautiful world we live. In fact, I have travelled to every continent (excluding Antarctica of course)! I also love curling up with a good book, feel free to send me recommendations. My favourite pastimes include binging Netflix, trying new restaurants, and baking! In the role of VP and with the amazing team at MIBA, I hope to help in creating opportunities for students to learn and experience a professional world founded through global leaders and diversity.

Lillian Huang
Director of Human Resources

Hello, my name is Lillian and I am the Director of Human Resources for MIBA this year! I am currently in my second year in the MIB program, and I am interested in pursuing a work term in the finance or accounting industry, My interests include cooking and baking as I enjoy working with food, and have also worked as a chocolate connoisseur before. As Director of HR, I hope to help make MIBA more well known and interesting.


Sumairaa Pathan
Business Operations Associate

Hi, my name is Sumairaa and I am a second-year Co-op management student. I am interested in specializing in finance and my goal in life is to become a corporate lawyer. My hobbies include traveling, learning new languages, and dancing.

External Relations Department

Jessica Chen
VP of External Relations

Hi! My name is Jessica and I’m so excited to be MIBA’s new VP of External Relations! I am currently a third year student in the MIB program. My passion for learning about the world around me is what drove my interest in learning about how business operates on an international scale. This year, I hope to help students learn about how they can take their degree global. I also want to get everyone involved and connected with all the amazing resources MIBA can provide. Outside of uni, I am absolutely obsessed with travelling and I can’t wait to see where my next adventure takes me!

Faye Wong
Director of External Relations

Hi! My name is Faye and I’m a second year MIB student. As the Director of External Relations, along with all of the exciting events planned this year, I’m looking forward to working with the MIBA team. I hope that we will help create a fun and collective environment for MIB and non-MIB students this year.


Jeffrey Fung
Director of External Relations

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Ritik Thakwani
External Relations Associate

My name is Ritik Thakwani and I am a first-year student in MIB. My goals for the year are to work well with the rest of the team and incorporate myself without any difficulty to successfully complete any tasks I am allotted along with going above and behind my expectations to ensure we are able to have a successful year laden with brilliant events and opportunities for everyone.


Isaac Sibson
External Relations Associate

Hi everyone! My name is Isaac Sibson and I am a first-year MIB student. Something that has changed my life forever was achieving my Private Pilot Licence. Although it was a long and difficult journey, I can truly say that it has built me into the person I am today. Upon graduation from the MIB program, I plan to pursue an entrepreneurial career that will combine my two passions of business and aviation.


Rumsha Panjwani
Student Relations Associate

Hello! My name is Rumsha and I’m a first-year in the Management and International Business program. This year, as the associate of student relations, I am very excited to create platforms to branch out to all management students and build lasting relationships to support one another.

Marketing Department

Hans Bisoo
VP of Marketing

Being in the MIB program is hard work and takes a lot of dedication, but I believe that is exactly the type of challenge needed to find our place in the borderless world of tomorrow. I am curious by nature and I love to try and discover new things all the time. In my free time, you can always find me tinkering with Photoshop or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. My ultimate goal in becoming a member of the MIBA team is to share and support the MIB network, domestically and internationally. Don’t be scared to say hi!

NaEun Song
Director of Graphic and Media

I am a third year student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Management with Finance. I am a Digital Director of Marketing in MIBA 2019-2020. My goal is to expand its reach to other students to help them explore their future. I enjoy watching movies and traveling to different countries.

Vani Sharma
Director of Digital Marketing

I am someone who is open for challenges and adores meeting new people and making connections. Whether that be socializing with others at public gatherings or at home attempting to learn a new skill, I am indeed an avid learner. You can also find me planning my next adventure, near or far, or discovering amazing restaurants in the GTA. Always eager to welcome someone warmly and lend out a helping hand. With a growing passion for design and creativity, I am ready to go above and beyond my limits to take on this Director role and create boundlessly!


Elya Djaffar
Marketing Associate

My name is Elya Djaffar. I am a first-year Management and International Business (MIB) student. I believe that being part of the MIB Association is a stepping-stone to ensure a meaningful university experience for all management students wishing to thrive internationally!


Caleb Mall
Marketing Associate

I am a first-year Management and International Business student and I am interested in traveling, photography, website and graphic design, hockey, and playing the guitar! My short-term goal is to obtain a finance or marketing co-op placement in the coming year, and my long-term goal is to improve my graphic design and marketing skills in the coming year(s)!