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MIBA has hosted various events over the past 3 years!


Hosted for the very first time, IGNITE is a LinkedIn and Networking Workshop aimed to support all UTSC students! Attendees learned about how to create and leverage their LinkedIn profile and how to craft their own 30-second elevator pitch.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home was a great opportunity for MIB students to connect with those who have been on an exchange or have gone abroad! Individuals who attended got great tips on how to adapt to the country they were interested in and specific courses of action they should take!


Pathways was an open-entry, global and academic-focused case study competition organized by MIBA. The case involved solving a set of complex cases related to the implications COVID19 had on the international market. We had a great turnout and hope all case participants had fun!


MIB Orientation 2020 was amazing! Despite Corona we were thankful that we could reach out to you guys through zoom! Attendees learned about the MIB program and had a great time bonding with other MIB students! Hope you had a great time!


At MIBA's biggest event of the year, individuals got to showcase their talent and skill through MIBA's annual case comp! Participants teamed up to solve complex business problems using their creativity, background, and technical skill.


In a joint effort with UTHKSC, Armenian Students' Association, and UTSC's Middle Eastern Students' Association, we were able to make the international expo a reality. At this event, clubs were able to promote their own culture and cuisines to UTSC students.


Partnering with SCAA, MIBA was proud to present our First World Cup event! Teams of 8 from different countries played each other and had great fun. Congratulations to Team Egypt who won!


MIBA's "Not-So-Scary" Halloween party was a night of kicking back, relaxing, and celebrating the end of midterm season with games, pumpkin painting, and most importantly- free candy!


MIB's Alumni Night, the first event of its kind, gave the opportunity for the current MIB cohort to hear about MIB alumni experiences during their work terms and after graduation! The night at Hart House featured networking opportunities, a Q&A panel with our alumni, and challenges to end off the night! We are grateful for the turnout and hope you learned about life during and after MIB!


MIB's Welcome Home is back for 2019! This year, we had upper-year MIB students who returned from their international terms in countries such as England, Switzerland, Kenya, and Singapore showcase their experiences abroad at booths to network with the next MIB cohort! We hope that you gained some insight into your experiences to come!


We had a blast at the MIB Orientation 2019! From learning about the program to the fun team competitions and bonding activities, we hope you had opportunity to learn more about the uniqueness of the MIB Program, and more importantly, we hope that you bonded well with your MIB cohort!


Showcase your brand and develop key leadership skills through MIBA's biggest event of the year, Empower. Take part in never-before-seen activities in the case competition that students look forward to. Get noticed by leading companies such as PwC, Unilever and P&G, just to name a few!

Crossing borders

Crossing Borders is a bittersweet time for students to come together before they part ways to go on their own adventures abroad or to coop. It’s a great opportunity to talk to employers as well as other MIB students to learn about the process of going abroad, finding a job, or whatever your needs are in this time of new beginnings.

Orientation 2018

Moving to post secondary education can daunting at times, but it is always better with a few familiar faces, and family. We, at MIBA, wish you a warm welcome to the MIB family! Make the most of your time at UTSC. Cheers!


Students are provided with an exclusive experience to network with all years of MIB at our Welcome Home event! They have the opportunity to walk around a variety of booths representing different countries and talk to the upper years about their experiences abroad. This event is great to find your passion, hear stories and connect with the new group of MIB students.


VIVID is not only an amazing opportunity to improve the students’ understanding of new recruitment strategy, but to also gain insightful feedback on themselves as a potential employee. It is a mock assessment centre that consists of a group case analysis, pitch, interview and numeric testing. Thank you to all that came out to our first-time event and we hope you had a lot of fun while learning about yourselves, the recruiting world, and connecting with the networkers!​